The Bends

Uploaded on Friday 4 October 2013


What is the ‘The Bends’ about? In all honesty, at this juncture, I have to be open and say that I do not fully know! My practice as a filmmaker has always had a certain ‘lets just feel our way through and see what happens’ feel to it. ‘The Bends’ certainly embodies that ideology. I feel its important to make this thought process clear, not because there is no thought behind what I do, more so that I have always had the instinctive urge to run with an impulse (a creative seed if you will) and see it through to its natural conclusion. ‘The Bends’ is certainly an extension of production aesthetics I have previously explored, there is no doubt a pre occupation with colour, flow and density. With ‘The Bends’ I wanted to explore the passing of one state of being to another, a shape shifting consciousness that in some way was connected to everything that had come before, but is in itself its own form, its own being. I hope you enjoy ‘The Bends’


Language: English

Length: 3:17

Country: United Kingdom