The Christmas Village of Hope Second Phase

Uploaded on Tuesday 20 December 2016


A week ago, I had posted a video, the first part of the Christmas Village of Hope set up in SM City Cebu. This new video is a continuation of the first ones, I have clips covering the certain spots of the village. It's actually a miniature one owned by good hearted couple Clayton and Joji Tugonon who have been doing this for years now in their home. But it is the third time that they are displaying it in the mall as a way of giving back to the community and specially to the children who have been diagnosed with Cancer.

It has been instilled in their hearts to give back and through the help of the SM mall management, they were able to repeat the said activity again and again.

I personally love this idea and it has been becoming bigger and bigger each year! In fact there are more moving miniatures this year compared to last year where I also had taken some photos of it but forgot to cover clips so that's why I am doing it this time instead.

The display will run until the end of the Christmas season, note that in the Philippines, the end of the Christmas season is on January, the display was opened last November.

Each year, there are more additions to the village. More houses, more figures, kids, adults, santa claus and other fun looking arts. There are more churches too to this year and the trains have become bigger! Unfortunately, we didn't see the train move, it was just in a stand by mode during that time.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the video. The music was to make it a jolly film since the previous video was a bit of a low mode film. Anyway, enjoy the video!


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