The First Ever Sunflower Maze in the Philippines (Part 1)

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 June 2017


Hello bitLanders friends! From my previous video, Sea Festival, I am now taking you to a land that blooms an army of bright yellow flowers. Welcome to the first ever sunflower maze in the Philippines!

The "A-Maze-Ing Sunflower" is located at the town of Tayug in the province of Pangasinan. The sunflower maze has become the talk all over the province until it spread all over the country. Who can resist a maze full of bright sunflowers? I wouldn't mind getting lost inside this maze.

The A-Maze-Ing Sunflower opened for public around February until the flowers are still in good condition; probably around April or May. There were also lots of other flower and vegetable landscaping before the maze. And as you enter the area, you will already get a glimpse of some sunflowers giving you more excitement of the maze.

The attraction site is a little secluded but all is fine when you feel hungry because there are lots of food stalls at the entrance. There is also a souvenir shop and a stall where you can buy vegetables for a very cheap price! Everyone will surely enjoy this flower haven in Pangasinan.

On the next part, we're heading inside the maze!

Thanks for watching!


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