The First Seven

Uploaded on Thursday 15 December 2011


Guoqiang lost his life in an air crash, as his roommate and a buddy since childhood, Zhi’an can’t help sorrowing. However, his sorrow was soon swallowed by fear. When night approached, the nameless sound pierced the silence was hovering Zhi’an. He found that he had no courage to face the black shadow in the darkness. Depressing and perplexing was consuming Zhi’an one night after another. On the seventh day after Guoqiang’s death, Zhi’an reminded of all the things he had done to Guoqiang in a trance, but it is too late……



Language: Chinese (simplified)

Length: 33 Minutes and 49 Seconds

Country: China

Creative Commons License

The First Seven by 忻帅良 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License.