The Happy Hour Guys at Sardi's with Phantom of the Opera.

Uploaded on Friday 25 March 2011


Since March 5, 1927, Sardi's has been located at 234 West 44th Street in the heart of New York City's Broadway theatre district. Sardi's has attracted virtually every theatre luminary during its day and many of them now appear in caricatures hanging throughout the restaurant. It was during the golden era of Broadway that Sardi's became the spot to see and be seen; an after theatre gathering place and scene of many Broadway opening night parties. Today. Sardi's is a New York icon and still home away from home for actors, producers and anyone who loves theatre and Broadway.
The Guys visit with the cast of another NY fixture, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Cheese crocks and hilarity ensue...


Language: English

Length: 4:24

Country: United States