The Navigator - Buster Keaton

Uploaded on Saturday 2 August 2014


Its a comedy film about a rich man called Rollo and a neighbor called Betsy. He propose her marriage and buyed tickets to voyage for the honneymoon to Honolulu but the girl dont want to marriage him, so he decides to go on the voyage anyway. He goes to the pier at night and gets the wrong ship, the ship is called the Navigator that is a ship from the rich father of Betsy that he solds for a small country at war.
People for these small country decides to go with the ship at these same night and the father of the girl was capture by these saboteurs people, Betsy decides to go on the ship to save the father too.
The navigator sets sail and Rolle and Betsy finds each other on the middle of the Ocen Pacific. Finally the ship arrives at a tropical Island and goes to dive with a dives suit to patch a hole that was maden in the ship, meanwhile some habitants of the island that are cannibals gets Betsy but they runaway scared when see Roll emerging from the sea with the divesuit giving Roll the chance to rescue Betsy and they tryes to escape on a canoe that starts to sink and the natives overtaken they. When all seems lost, a navy submarine surfaces right underneath them and they are saved.


Language: Silent

Country: United States

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