The Preacher's Daughter - Trailer

Uploaded on Thursday 22 August 2013


Hannah White lives for partying. Along with her boyfriend, Zane, she seems to be on a carefree path of drug-fueled self-destruction. However, her party lifestyle takes an abrupt u-turn when she and Zane get pulled over and the police find drugs in their vehicle. Faced with serious jail time, Hannah calls the only person who can bail her out – her father John, the minister of a small East Texas Baptist church. John agrees to help Hannah, but on one condition - she must move back home during her 6-week probation. Hannah agrees to return home, but isn’t exactly enthusiastic about the arrangement.

On the journey home, Hannah begins remembering back to four years before when many of her troubles began. We discover that Hannah had once been the ideal Christian daughter. She went to church, obeyed her parents and seemed destined to follow their straight and narrow path. Recognizing Hannah’s singing talent, John commissions Neal, the church’s young, charismatic music minister, to coach Hannah so that she can use her “God given talent” in the ministry. As Hannah trains with Neal, a relationship develops that neither expected. The relationship inevitably causes Hannah to turn her back on the church, God and even her family.

“The Preacher’s Daughter” is more than a coming of age story. It is a character-driven drama that examines the psychological and emotional complexities associated with being raised under strict religious mores, especially in relation to female identity, expectations and sexuality.


Language: English

Length: 1:32

Country: United States