The Right Diet for Heart Disease Patients

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 March 2012


Joel Fuhrman, MD
Research Director, Nutritional Research Project
National Health Association
Private Practice
Flemington, New Jersey

Author of:
Eat to Live

People who have heart disease need to change their lives in many ways, and Joel Fuhrman offers guidance in the best dietary changes to make. Here he recommends a nutrition-rich program can benefit anyone who has or has had cardiovascular disease. Dr. Fuhrman explains how the right nutritional plan can make a big difference in the overall health of a person with heart disease. For example, weight-loss, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health in most cases, is a naturally occurring effect of his eating plan. Noting the best foods to include in daily menus, as well as which ones to avoid, Dr. Fuhrman outlines a formula that helps heart patients improve the conditions that led to their disease and also promotes ongoing heart health.


Language: English

Length: 12:28

Country: United States