The Silent Nick and Nora

Uploaded on Wednesday 21 April 2010


"The Silent Nick and Nora" is a magic realist film noir which re-imagines detectives Nick and Nora Charles in a world of compulsions, tattoos and crimes of the heart.

This was created with the idea of making a unique series about love and the role it plays in our lives.

Synopsis - The film plays off phrases such as "having your heart stolen" or "having your heart ripped out of your chest" and looks at the mistakes we make in love.

One night in the life of a city. A city where women have acute senses of hearing and the men are obsessive compulsive. A city where body organs are stolen quickly, but the bodies feel the affects slowly.

Angelica wakes one night to find her heart stolen - literally. There is only one suspect, the infamous Heart Thief, recently escaped from State Prison. As Angelica searches the streets to get her heart back, detectives Nick and Nora try to track him down before he strikes again.

This filmed screened in London, Cannes and New York in 2008-2009, and Israel in 2012.

produced by Diana DeLaCruz and Lisa Stock
written & directed by Lisa Stock


Language: English

Length: 14:02

Country: United States