This coolest drum line band will leave you breathless! Watch their cool performance!

Uploaded on Friday 3 October 2014


Still can’t get enough of the coolest and epic videos posted online? Well, this drum line band will totally blew you off from your seat with their epic performance. Watch the video and prepare to be amazed.

If you’re a drum line fan and watched the 2002 drumline movie, this epic performance by Ohio State University marching band will definitely leave you breathless and mouth wide open. Their Hollywood themed routine was so epic and perfect. You can never see such kind of performance from any other marching band.

The Ohio State University already started their routine perfectly by already showing off what they really got. Doing a live scene by means of group formation was really creative, adding to this that this marching band was simultaneously playing their instruments while doing a very complicated formation.

Going back, the Ohio State University started their show by showing off what they really prepared. Who would have thought that drum line can reenact the popular scenes from Hollywood movies such as Superman and Harry Potter via human formation with matching the background music played during those scenes. This marching band showed how Superman saved a falling building and the popular scene from the first sequel of Harry Potter where Harry Potter chased the flying ball using his broom.

The last part of their performance was much more epic and creative. Imagine, they incorporated a ship battling scene where they also used some fireworks to make everything look realistic. Not to mention, the Ohio State University ship won against the Michigan’s ship.

This very epic marching band routine of Ohio State University gained a lot of fans online even the Michigan bias fans commended the Ohio State marching band for their amazing routine. As of now, the Ohio State Marching band video garnered more than 16 million views and still counting.

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