Tisa Cebu View Collection

Uploaded on Monday 5 December 2016


It maybe a normal Sunday but James and I thought of making use of our time since we were just at home two weeks ago, no plans yet of going somewhere so we thought it would be best to spend some time observing Cebu City from the hills at the back of our house or shall I say village.

When we first moved in here, we would often go out and hiked to the hills and just watch the houses and buildings standing in the heart of Cebu City plus there were brand new establishments which are now visible from here such as the SM SeaSide Cebu.

Aside from good and cold air that I believe is fresh as there isn't any pollutant from the area here, there is also a good view down with the horizon at a distance. There were local kids playing volleyball at the other side of the hill where certain populations are living. They had a great time based on what we had heard over.

Then we thought it would be good to take videos and so I did and it turned out good! Glad we got ourselves a wide lens so we can take a wider angle of the city. However, the houses and buildings now look more way way smaller this time.

But my favorite part of this afternoon stroll was the view of the wild grasses which moves from here and there. The clouds movement also mesmerizes me and that's why I had filmed some Time Lapses too!

I hope you'll enjoy the video.


Jean Beltran-Figues

Video by Jean and James Figues
Audio from GoPro Free Audio Library


Language: Music

Country: Philippines