Tommaso Rulli on Film Annex China

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 October 2011


Tommaso Rulli
FilmAnnex China

《Tommaso Rulli speak about the opening of Film Annex China》
In this video, serial entrepreneur Tommaso Rulli discusses the reasons for opening and the long-term goals of Film Annex China. Tomasso is in charge of growing Film Annex China due to his extensive experience working in China. Highlights include:
● Current focus on translation of the current contant at ;
● Alibabba and other social network sites will be a big focus moving forward for Film Annex China;
● Most important web site for independent films in China;
● Bring Chinese actors to the Western world.

《托马索鲁利(Tommaso Rulli)谈及Film Annex China的开设》
在这段视频中,连续创业者托马索鲁利(Tommaso Rulli)论述了开设Film Annex China的原因,和长期目标。由于Tommaso在中国丰富的工作经验,因此他负责Film Annex China的发展计划。他说明,要点包括:
● 目前的重点在于翻译www.FilmAnnex.com上现有的内容;
● 阿里巴巴(Alibabba)和其他社交网络网站,将是Film Annex China向前迈进的一个关键重点;
● 在中国最重要的独立电影网站;
● 引导中国演员进入欧美国家的电影产业。


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