Tour at Calauit Wildlife Safari Park, Busuanga

Uploaded on Sunday 21 May 2017


There's another thing that excites me aside from the beaches and the corals of Coron, well at least the Palawan escapade which had commenced last April with my brother, sister in law and my husband. We had arranged a Calauit Wildlife Safari Park Tour. This tour is expensive, cost us Php 2400 each which includes :

- a private van pickup from and to the place we stay
- tour at Calauit Wildlife Safari Park in Busuanga
- an island hopping tour in Busuanga, three islands
- free breaksfast and lunch

We were picked up at four early morning on our third day in Coron. The van was great, the airconditioning was good and there's also a monitor which entertained us with music videos, the kid who was with us as well had fun singing during the two hour trip towards Calauit.

We reached a dead end and rode a boat going to the island. There we were welcomed and showed towards the wild life park. We were the first ones in the area and it was perfect timing as it was feeding time.

The giraffes started walking and we noticed them slowly and gracefully walking towards the area. It was an amazing experience seeing these creatures which I thought I can only see on movies and photos online.

There were zebras and local deer too! I got another video published here which also shows the animals in the Calauit Safari Wildlife Park. Check it out here:

Hope you enjoyed the video. Till next video!

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