Trailer - My Beauty is Dead to You

Uploaded on Monday 26 December 2011


A multimedia documentary project composed by video-interviews and still pictures. It was filmed in the West Bank, Palestine. The two authors are a journalist, Emanuela Zuccalà, and a photographer, Simona Ghizzoni, both at their first experience in videomaking.
Filmed with a Canon 5D, edited in English, the documentary represents a step of an investigation that has involved the authors for a long time, concerning gender violence in Italy and worldwide.
The documentary introduces the stories of 7 women who have suffered different kinds of violation to their rights: from domestic violence to administrative detention; from the abuses perpetrated by Israeli settlers to post-traumatic stress disorder due to war.
Palestine has been chosen as a field of investigation, overstepping any ideology on Arab-Israeli conflict, since here gender based violence occurs along with daily suffering due to the political situation. Women are mostly affected by this, and are hence not able to foresee what the future of their children holds...


Language: Arabic

Length: 0:30

Country: United States