Two Minutes Focused Video - About Your Daily Routine

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 March 2017


Hey friends on bitLanders!
This video is about your daily routine. It is an old video. You hear in it my own voice. It may be hard, to understand my words and you will see, why I use a computer generated voice in my newer videos. The computer-generated voice is much easier to understand.
However, the message in this video is very important. This two minutes focused video explains a good way, how to change your life to the better.
Our daily routine is the sum of our habits. To achieve a better life, you should replace your old daily routine with a more success-oriented one. However, how to change your daily routine? You will probably not be able to change all your habits in once.
This video explains exactly that. In addition, it shows a way, how you can successfully change your daily routine over time. It is a simple, but effective method for improving your life. Well-known Google SEO guy Matt Coutts also uses this method in his life. Yes, he got really successful! He is the accepted number one guru when it comes to SEO.
Try something new for thirty days and it will become a habit. A good example is sugar. Most people drink their coffee with a lot of sugar in it. This is definitely not good for health. How to get rid of this unhealthy habit of drinking coffee with sugar? – It is so easy. Just start at the first day of next month to drink coffee without sugar. In the first few days, it may be hard. However, keep drinking your coffee without sugar for the whole month. If you keep doing it consistently until the end of the month, you can no more drink coffee with sugar in it. Your taste changed and you detest that oversweet brown broth. You got the habit of drinking coffee without sugar. You changed an old habit into a success-oriented one. The new habit will help you to stay healthy and to extend your lifespan.
Thank you for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this video. The length of this video is only two minutes, as people are not patient enough for watching longer videos. What do you think? Was it worth to invest two minutes for learning about a life changing method? When do you start to change one of your habits for thirty days?


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Country: Switzerland