UN TV Afghanistan Economy and Education

Uploaded on Tuesday 10 July 2012


Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey interviews the Afghan Citadel Software Company CEO Roya Mahboob and Film Annex Founder/President, Francesco Rulli at the United Nations TV station in New York City. The three talk about Film Annex's new initiative, The Afghan Development Project, and how it is helping the young Afghan students to get connected to the world outside their classrooms.

Since April, Film Annex has built three Internet classrooms in Afghan schools with brand new computers and access to the world wide web. Film Annex is also introducing the Afghan students to social media and developing a new software program with Citadel called Examer to enable students to take exams online.

Rulli, Mahboob, and Sacirbey also discuss the future of Afghanistan and other developing countries, online advertising and its role in a potential cultural revolution, and how raising the new generation of Afghans with the Internet will help the country's economy.

Visit the Afghan Development Initiative and the Afghan Development Web TV for more information.


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