Under The Apple Tree - First test shot

Uploaded on Tuesday 4 June 2013


This was one of the first video blogs that I did on my AppleTree-project, researching different styles and techniques. I decided on the stop motion technique. Very labor intensive, but I like it so much! In fact, I think it is the most beautiful animation technique of all. What say you?

So I created two puppets and a set, all in one week time, and animated 'the dead farmer rising from the grave while his priest brother is flipping out'. Without any special preparation I just animated the hell out of these simple wire puppets. And it gave me a great feeling of speed. I can do this! Rock 'n roll!

In the mean time a lot of stuff happened and it seems like it is going to be a lot bigger than just a private pet project. More on that as soon as I finished all the production work.



Language: Dutch

Length: 3:07

Country: Netherlands