Urban Outfitters Summer Dress - ft. White Hymnal by Oh Land [HD]

Uploaded on Monday 11 July 2011


So I'm currently a 19 year old student home for summer. I attend USC, and even though I'm an anthropology major I still like to make videos on the side. So in an attempt to try and stay creative this summer, I like to make "fake" promo videos for companies I really like sometimes. I was hanging out at my friend Brooklyn's house and she was wearing this one dress from Urban Outfitters and I decided to try making a little promo video for it, shot it that day and edited that night.

You can contact me at for more inquiries

The Dress is from: byCorpus

The Girl is my friend: Brooklyn Snow

& the Song is: White Hymnal (cover) Oh Land


Language: English

Length: 1:44

Country: United States