Ven A Mi ~ A Model Dancer

Uploaded on Thursday 9 February 2012


'Ven A Mi' was conceived on a subway platform in New York City one morning while transferring from the local to an express train that waited impatiently for the passengers to step in.

During the mad dash to cross the platform before the train was too crowded or its doors shut, I was stopped in my tracks by the brilliant sound of a guitar, an impassioned voice, and the need to take in the amazing performance that so many times I had unfortunately neglected to acknowledge and enjoy, as I had seen this man perform in the same location on this platform many times before.

The difference that day was I simply slowed down, I listened and I truly became aware of the musician who gave so much beauty to a tremendous crowd that rarely was his audience.

That extra minute I gave to the musician and to myself on that crowded platform, where I was an audience of one, brought to mind long forgotten memories. We smiled at each other, I continued on, and this was the beginning of a very special day.


Language: Music

Length: 1:37

Country: United States

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