. Venus

Uploaded on Friday 17 February 2012


. VENUS is a conceptual and experimental movie that everyone can interprets its own way. Of course, it is first of all a tribute to the Woman. A woman that rise herself to what she deserves to be : a woman equal to every single person on this earth, men and women. For this, she has to fight. Against prejudices, against the hands of domination, of the society that still gives more advantages to the men. It's all about femininity, maternity, birth, pride, hope and more again.

. Behind VENUS

From November 22th to December 31th 2011, Nikon France organized the second edition of Nikon Film Festival.
On December 30th, we realized that registrations were closing 24 hours later. At this moment, we had absolutely nothing and VENUS wasn't expected to be born yet. We had no time to write an accomplished script so from a very simple idea we challenged ourself to make this short movie in less than 24 hours. The result is far from being perfect but... here it is !


Language: Silent

Length: 2:19

Country: France