View of Cebu Port from Oceanjet

Uploaded on Tuesday 12 September 2017


A normal day at Cebu Pier Uno (Port 1) on our way home to Bohol. The sun was rising from the horizon and it was a marvelous view so James (my husband) decided to grab his camera and start taking videos.

The colors of the sky was very warm and cool at the same time. It was warm where the sun was at and cool at the blue areas away from the sun's position. It was indeed a fine day to be traveling. We were on our way to Tagbilaran City for my second check up.

We normally take the Oceanjet fast craft on our way to Bohol because it is fast and I can easily book a ticket through a good high school friend who is working for a ticketing office. I am just going to message her that we need tickets and she'll send the confirmed tickets to my email. I would send her the payment through online bank transfer which is really convenient for me as I don't have to go out of the house or the office to buy.

So again, the subjects for this film are the things we can find at the port area. Ships, fast crafts, docked ships and etc. Whatever there is, he took videos and clips of them all. Even the people inside the fast craft!

I hope you enjoy the view. Enjoy the waters as they maneuver to create swirls and bubbles! It was good to watch them on slow motion than the normal rate.

Let me know what you think!



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