Visual FX Reel 2013 by Jamil Yosufi

Uploaded on Thursday 25 July 2013


Visual Fx, A Computer Generated Image is made by skilled, talented vfx artists.
Jamil Yosufi's Visual FX, 3D Animation, Matte painting, compositing Show-reel From the past 5 years.
Most of this showreel VFX shots are from The Music video scene & some other video commercials & Short Film.
All the content of this ShowReel is created by Jamil Yosufi @
Kabul- Afghanistan.


Language: English

Length: 4:21

Country: Afghanistan

Creative Commons License

Visual FX Reel 2013 by Jamil Yosufi by Jamil Yosufi is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.