Waiting For Ben

Uploaded on Monday 2 September 2013


Filmmaking is a male dominated industry. We only have to look at our classes to notice that. What we hope to do and develop is that our female filmmakers retain the confidence to continue in this industry.

Maria Cortese graduated in 2011 with 'Waiting for Ben', a film inspired by the filmmaker's real life experiences.

You always should make films from the heart and of what you know. This film comes from that, was developed over 14 weeks with professional actors and shot over a couple of days. The strength was in the film's development, the development in the characters, what they would think, feel and believe in a certain situation. This leads to such authentic performances.

The Film Won 'Best Film' (audience award) Nahemi 'Eat Our Shorts' Festival 2011


Language: English

Length: 7:31

Country: United Kingdom