Watch Me Bake: Cashew and Matcha Polvoron

Uploaded on Saturday 25 November 2017


Hello friends! Welcome to my second Watch Me Bake! I am not actually baking this time, but my food video series is called Watch Me Bake, so let us just have it this way.

Today, we are making polvoron! Polvoron is a popular Filipino sweet delicacy with powdery texture. It’s very fragile and tricky to eat, so one must be very careful to firmly hold it while not breaking it when eating. Polvoron is mostly wrapped in a cellophane or japanese paper.

I love polvoron. My mom and I were very curious how to make it. A few months ago, I bought a polvoron molder and through that, we were one step closer to making our homemade polvoron! I found a recipe and procedure of the polvoron on Youtube ( which I based my polvoron from. However, I felt the measurement of the ingredients were too many for us, so I reduced everything to half.


2 cups flour
1 cup powdered milk
¼ cup sugar
2 tbsp butter
¼ cup matcha powder (optional)
¼ cup crushed cashew nuts (optional)


1. Toast the flour slowly on a pan until color changes into light brown. Constantly stir to toast the flour evenly. Turn off the stove.

2. Mix the powdered milk then the sugar. Mix well.

3. Put the slightly melted butter. Mix well.

4. (Optional) Add your desired flavoring. I divided the polvoron mixture into two then added crushed cashew while matcha powder on the other.

5. Put some of the polvoron mixture into the molder and compress it so it becomes compact. Hover it on your wrapper and press the handle of the molder down. Wrap!

This is a very easy and fun Filipino delicacy to make. We only had little difficulty in wrapping at the beginning. The one doing the wrapping in the video is my mom. We were both laughing while doing this part because the way my mom wraps is just hilarious. In the end, I volunteered to wrap the polvoron. Ahem. It looks better, right? Haha! I used a japanese paper instead of cellophane because it’s way cheaper.

We were able to make 21 pieces of polvoron from this recipe.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this video! Will you also make a homemade polvoron or just buy some at the store?

Thanks for watching!


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