Watch Me Make my May Month Events Journal

Uploaded on Wednesday 9 May 2018


I keep a journal for my day to day life. But I admit, it takes a lot of courage and consistency to write every single day. However, the resolution to that is making a monthly one instead which is much easier and it only takes one time in a month to do that workload.

I know, it isn't workload, it should be a fun thing and I understand if other people would feel that making one is dragging, perhaps because they have not found their rhythm in the journaling world.

I for one is still trying to overcome this hard truth. It is just hard to be consistent but it takes determination to fulfill it. For now, what I have been consistent about is making my monthly events overview. Recently, I created my schedule for May. These events are not fixed, there will be times when I have to change it. This is just a tentative schedule although most of the weekdays are really set up for work. Weekends, on the other hand, are set for adventure and going out of the house because we need to be entertained and stuff like that.

So, this video is just a recording of how I made the journal page, I used my Tom N Toms journal, some washi tapes, some stickers and pens of course!

It only took less than 30 minutes for me to finish the entire month's schedule. I felt like I am running out of stickers though, I am referring to the statement stickers by Abbey Sy so I am looking on some bookstores for that but I couldn't find one as of this writing. Perhaps I need to order it online instead.

I hope I can find other sticker books, I will surely buy one if I can find those with different styles and cute arts in it just like how Abbey Sy creates her own sticker book.

The video is just 3 minutes long, I hope you find it enjoyable to watch! Take care!

Jean Beltran

Music by NCM - ikon (Paradise)
Shot using a Panasonic GX-85


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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