Watch Me WIP: Hello Cakes [Drawing #14]

Uploaded on Wednesday 5 July 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 14th Watch Me WIP! This is a sudden drawing I have to make for a friend's online cake shop.

Months ago while having our usual random conversation, I volunteered to make her a logo by the time she has decided to have a cake shop. And so last week, she approached me to do it. She told me she want something cute and simple with pastel colors. I came up with three designs and this, what you see right now, was her preferred design. There were some revisions along the drawing process and we both love how drawing came out.

Software used to draw is Clip Studio Paint. I used a marker pen for the outlines and a brush for the background. To achieve an equal measurement of the lace effect on the edge of the circle, I made use of the symmetrical ruler. I tell you, symmetrical ruler is life! Hehe! It saves you a lot of time. And to punch holes on the lace, I simply just used the eraser.

I am hoping to see my friend's online cake shop soon and hopefully this cute logo would bring luck to her business.

Thanks for watching!

"Rainbows" Kevin MacLeod (
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Language: English

Country: Philippines