Watch Me WIP: Margaret [Drawing #2]

Uploaded on Sunday 23 October 2016


Hello everyone! Welcome to my second time lapse drawing video! Today, I am also introducing my first original character, the rock witch—Margaret.

Margaret is a 15-year-old witch girl who has an intense fascination with music, especially rock music. When not in school, most of the time, she spends her free time listening to music through her black kitty speakers while holding a broom and playing with it like she is holding a real guitar. If she's not in the mood for some music, she plays with her favorite black cat, Obake. Margaret loves cute and spooky things and only shows her true self to selected people. She is a bit impatient and short-tempered but overall kind. She loves her black witch cape and hat so much that nobody would even dare mess with it! Not even her twin!

Well, there you go! I used a Uni Pin Fine Line Drawing Pen I bought more than four years ago(glad it's still working) and some Naruto themed color pens I bought last year. Meanwhile, yup, my sketch pad is also old. It already looks a bit dirty white. (Lol) I hope to see an improvement on my drawing skill someday. I hope this Watch Me WIP series I'm making will help me achieve it.

Thanks for watching!

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