Watch Me WIP: Samantha [Drawing #3]

Uploaded on Saturday 5 November 2016


Hello again everyone! For today, I welcome you to my third Watch Me WIP series! I am glad my first submitted video received a nice review! And so the happy Katsanslimites decided to create her second original character—Samantha, The Orange Vampire.

Samantha is a 15-year-old vampire and the twin of my first original character, Margaret, the rock witch. Everyone was puzzled about how can a vampire and a witch be twins. It is a question yet to be answered by their mother who was missing since they were two years old. Going back to Samantha, the young vampire is the exact opposite of her twin. A social butterfly, hyper, vibrant, and sunny. She loves to show her cute little fangs too. Maybe the reason why she smiles often. However, she is someone you would want to never anger.

Obviously, as a vampire they are widely awake at night and stay rested during the day. But this jolly vampire loves going out during the day braving the sunlight and sacrificing her rest time just to stroll around the town looking for random fashionable items. This careless attitude of hers would often ire her twin and frequently reminds her of the dangers of being exposed to sunlight. Samantha would heed but will go back to her old routine later on. Apart from it, the witch twin could never comprehend and is utterly lost to Samantha's undyingly love for the color orange—it was very unvampire-ish.

So how do you like Samantha? I was greatly satisfied with the way her legs turn out. I think it was anime-ish. Haha! Anyway, the tools I used for making the drawing are Uni Pin Fine Line Drawing Pen which is almost running out of ink already, and some random Naruto themed color pens. I was not feeling well while inking the drawing in the video but I hope you like it. Until next time!

Thanks for watching!

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