Watch Me WIP: Tarina [Drawing #23]

Uploaded on Friday 3 November 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 23rd Watch Me WIP series! First of all, it's never too late for Halloween, right? (Haha!) I have so many plans on my Watch Me WIP drawings for Halloween but never had the chance to do them all. But I promised on my Watch Me WIP 21 to reveal Tarina's face. So here it is!

I made a full body drawing and I was glad it came out just as what I was imagining it to be! I am too lazy to draw the hands because I find it really hard that's I why hid them. (Haha!) Her eyes are green because I guess it matches well with the orange color. Tarina's dress is a combination of a jumper blouse and pencil skirt. Of couse, the moon and star buttons on her blouse is also there. I chose the orange color to break the monotony of black. Color orange is popular for Halloween because of pumpkins, so why not? Although not a gladiator, I let her wore a gladiator sandals—with orange socks. Maybe I should call her "The Gladiator Witch" (Haha!) Hmm.. I might draw one next year! Well, does Tarina look weird? I find it cute though!

I use a Wacom Intuos pen tablet to make my drawings. Software I use is Clip Studio Paint. And as usual, I used a GPen to make the lines and a Marker Pen to fill colors. I also used the "Lock Transparent Pixels" to easily add colors on top without worrying of coloring past the lines. The background image is a downloadable material on Clip Studio Paint.

Time spent for this drawing is two hours. I'm still a slowpoke. I hope you like my drawing and belated Happy Halloween everybody!

Thanks for watching!


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