White Sheets /白床单 - New submission ÉCU 2013

Uploaded on Tuesday 18 December 2012


In the new millennium, five graduate students from art college--Du Xiaojun, Yu Jialun, Xu Dahong, Lu Xinzheng, Wang Yupeng came to the Shenzhen with their dreams and passion. They tried to launch their career there.
When they first arrived in Shenzhen, they had to dwell in a small apartment in a resettlement area. Yu Jialun met a girl named Bai Hua who was living in the next room. Baihua came from Sichuan. She was a cheerful and pretty girl with short hair. However, she had a totally different life experience.
Du Xiaojun was the oldest among the 5. He was realistic and strong-minded. He gradually realized that being a Big Brother was not easy. Xu Dahong was straightforward and optimistic. Wang Yupeng was a simple person, thwarted in job hunting; he adopted a Labrador called ”keykey”. Lu Xinzheng was the youngest. Yu Jialun was introverted, romantic, with photographic talent. He shot the slaughtered animals in attempt to call on the communities to protect these animals.
A weekend, they went to the beach together. Sunshine and white sand made the five young men and Bai Hua temporarily forget about the worries of life. The laughter of these young men froze into an image that was archived in everyone's memory of youth.
In the summer, Du Xiaojun met a girlfriend called Jia Hui. The dog 'keykey' died in an accident. Wang Yupeng left Shenzhen sadly. Bai Hua went through the darkest moments in her life; she had a baby with a middle-aged man who usually took her to work.
Du Xiaojun and his girlfriend Jia Hui rent a house, and soon they would be moving. They organized a simple meal to celebrate for Du. Bai Hua was always alone in every festival day. This time, Yu Jialun invited Bai Hua. During the meal, they drank a lot of wine. Bai Hua was drunk, and Jia Lun took her back to the room. At the time Yu Jialun left, Bai Hua hugged him. Then, Ultimately Yu Jialun lost Bai Hua in the irreversible fate.
Time flied, people change. For Yu Jialun, this pure and simple love became a deep scar that could never be erased. It also becomes their first love experience in Shenzhen--this passionate tempting city.


Language: Chinese (traditional)

Length: 3:30

Country: Canada