Why bitLanders? - A teaser video for inviting people to bitLanders

Uploaded on Sunday 12 February 2017


Inviting people to join bitLanders is a great way for increasing earnings. We get a 20% share of the bitMiles that users earn, who joined through our referral link. It works; we really get these 20% amount. I already earned a few bitMiles from invitees.

However, many invitees join, but do not become active. I am annoyed by the fact that most people on my REFERRALS STATE list are inactive. I am planning to improve this situation and I will put into effect some measures for selecting active people already when I promote bitLanders. I want that only active bloggers join through my referral link. It is disillusioning, how many of my friends belong to the category of the free tire kickers. I have no idea, why they join, as they obviously do not want to create blog posts.

One of these measures mentioned above is this teaser video. On one hand, it is promoting bitLanders. On the other hand, the video is explaining that users of bitLanders have to log in daily and need to write blog posts and fulfill tasks for earning money. I think that this video will discourage lazy and passive contemporaries from joining bitLanders.

This video will impart its message successfully to the viewer as images, text and voice are used simultaneously and three senses get it at the same time. The length of such a promotional video should not exceed one and half to two minutes as those interested will not have the patience to watch a long video. The video contains enough information to enable the viewer to decide, if he is interested into blogging with bitLanders or not. I expect considerably more active bloggers among the friends, who join bitLanders.

Enjoy the video and get inspired!

I wish you a lot of success with bitLanders



Language: English

Country: Switzerland