Xcorps Action Sports TV #50.) X DRAGS seg.3 HD

Uploaded on Monday 9 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports TV #50.) X DRAGS seg.3 HD ***Warning-This is not a GREEN politically correct episode! Large amounts of HIGH OCTANE RACE FUEL was burned in making this XC film! This is a motorsports special Xcorps style and it's also Xcorps BIG 50th episode!

The on camera host talent team of Jason Lazo and Scott Sommers along with special guest host the sweet Lilli Garcia Joins The Xcorps in this featured wide-open motorsports special.

Check out the opening scenes of this milestone show-fast action backed by fresh new tunes from Sub NoiZe band KottonMouth Kings!

Xcorps Action Sports covered the high-powered motorsports action at the Barona Dragstrip in Lakeside California. Classic muscle from Pontiac Ford Chevy Plymouth old and new as well as imports represented. Hot Rod Bikes with wheelie bars too topping 100 in the 1/8th!

The Barona Drag strip is a1/8-mile stretch of track is located five miles from Barona Valley Ranch Casino in beautiful Lakeside California.

Also in a major move Xcorps launched the new HD VIDEO eye in the sky AIR-X-CAM at the event! It's all about getting the insane shots on Xcorps and the new AIR-X-CAM adds a whole new angle on shooting action sports!

Lots of in your face rubber to rubber sounds with lotsa SMOKE in this segment folks. If loud wide-open V-8s disturb you please run away or better yet buckle in and hang on for a high G ride on right here on Xcorps!

Enjoy the ride and those who go GREEN please dont feel guilty about watching all this horsepower! Its all about the X feeling!- We will be covering the ALL ELECTRIC DRAGS coming up on future episodes of Xcorps.

Music by KottonMouth Kings-Suburban Noize Records
This completed episode is dated for release June 2010

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
Created by J.S.Edmondson 12/09
©2011 The Xcorps
Xcorps Films Special 50th episode!

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Language: English

Length: 6:42

Country: United States