Xcorps Action Sports TV #9.) SUPERBIKE seg.5

Uploaded on Wednesday 12 February 2014


Xcorps 9. SUPERBIKE -seg.5- The Xcorps charges hard in this episode featuring high speed bikes ripping at the California Speedway, big air B.A.S.E. drops down in Mexico and dune machine madness in Glamis California. The show opens from the California Speedway where Jason Lazo reports on the Yamaha SuperBike Challenge. See 200 mph motorcycle runs with Jason talks to riders Vincent Haskovik of team Hooters and rider Marty Craggill about the Zen of pushing the 200 MPH mark on a motor bike. After that Xcorps Films presents part 2 in the B.A.S.E. series with segment host and jumper Ray Murphy returning to the screen from Copper Canyon Mexico where he jumps the 3000 foot cliffs of this remotely exotic location. This is rare stuff with Ray being only the 5th person on earth to jump El Gigante! Multiple camera and POV angles here to help capture the feel of the 20 second free fall down a rock face at over 100 mph! Great helicopter skid BASE drops high over their campsite as well. See what Ray says scared him the most. Jason Lazo rolls into Burbank Ca to talk to the band powering the tunes in this show - The Prom Kings. Record producer Fred Croshal is on hand to see the band! Jason and Roslyn then intro a new segment addition to the show from producer Jason Rapp and a look at the machines rolling Glamis sand dunes east of San Diego. Bikes, trikes, carts, ATV's and custom rods along with riders even on towed furniture! See a Ford F150 stay airborne forever! The show wraps with Bob Woodard previewing the next eXotic Xcorps episode - Hawaii. Music by Chron, The Prom Kings, The Silence and Paul Oakenfold. J.S.Edmondson 7/03 TRT-29:30
Seg.5 TRT-3:32 Close Captioned ©2014 The Xcorps
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Language: English

Length: 3:32

Country: United States