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Xcorps Airborne B24 LIBERATOR seg1 HD - Xcorps TV goes airborne once again with this special presentation featuring the ONLY flying B-24 Liberator WW-2 heavy bomber restored and maintained by the Collings Foundation based in Massachusetts.

Xcorps viewers know we like flying on our show with past episodes featuring hosts Bob Woodard over San Diego in a 1927 open cockpit Travel Air biplane and Jason Lazo in a Russian Mig-21 approaching the sound barrier over the Nevada desert! Now in this XC episode we met and rolled cameras on the Collings Foundations historic B-24 Liberator aircraft which landed at the Xcorps home base airport of Carlsbad California during their nationwide US tour. The Collings Foundation operates two touring collections of historic military aircraft: The Wings of Freedom Tour and The Vietnam Memorial Flight.

Join us as Xcorps TV on camera host and reporter Jason Lazo dons his leather jacket and meets copilot and B-24 crewman for the Collings foundation, Derick “Otter” Ward who leads Jason on a detailed cockpit to tail gun tour of a very rare part of American aviation and military history. This particular B-24 Liberator was and still is known affectionately by its crew as Witchcraft – a plane that somehow made it through 130 combat missions over enemy territory during WW2!

Lots of great archival WW2 combat footage in this segment with Jason asking Otter about the basics of a war mission in a plane like this. There were over 18,000 Liberators produced representing the full might of the USA war effort. Over 10,000 of the planes were lost in combat and non-combat with most of the surviving planes being recycled after the war. The Collings Foundation found the Witchcraft in the desert in India and made the expensive decision to completely restore the plane to flying condition. The non-prof offers the public flights in the big plane, which it relies on to keep flying. A B-17 and P-51 Mustang are also part of the tour.

Jason tries out the waist gunners 50 cal along with wild and dramatic high quality 16mm battle footage here complete with sound shot by WW2 combat news reel film crews on various B-24 and B-17 missions fighting for world freedom in the skies above Europe. Nothing more adrenalizing than a combat bombing mission where just staying alive at 30 thousand feet in a non-pressurized freezing plane dropping bombs and getting shot at by fighter planes is part of the days work!

This special commemorative Xcorps segment wraps with Jason in the cockpit of the B-24 reday to roll! Check out the FORD logo on the steering wheel! Stay tuned for more action in the next segment with Jason going airborne in the only B-24 left flying on the planet thanks to the Collings Foundation tour and its non-profit educational efforts to give Americans a look FEEL and SOUND of its aviation history.
Please help keep the planes flying! Visit the Collings Foundation and see how you can help keep these historic and beautiful planes flying on their coast to coast tour near your hometown!
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