Xcorps MountainBoarding Kratka Ridge DIRECTORS CUT with MOWER Live!

Uploaded on Monday 26 November 2012


Xcorps Mountain Boarding Kratka Ridge – Directors Cut – Live MOWER band is featured in this Xcorps special presentation Directors Cut with classic MOUNTAIN BOARD off road skateboarding action at the 2000 Mountain Board Nationals held in California at Kratka Ridge in the San Gabriel wilderness near LA.

To this day Kratka Ridge is still talked about in the mountain boarding community as one of the most epic places to ever ride and coolest grassroots action sports events ever! Xcorps producer J.S.Edmondson and on camera reporter Jason Lazo were there covering the dust biting non stop action! Featured riders in this film hucking BIG AIR moves are George Wiant, Eric Ducharme, Steve Briggs, Travis Gunn, Brandon Stieg, Carolyn Kunkel, Willy LaHood, Jason Lee, Jason Smalls, Akoni Kama, Justin Rhodes, Leon Robbins among many others pioneering this hybrid skate sport. Warning! Now kids this really is an eXtreme sport so always wear protective gear!

No dull moments, Red Bull banners or ESPN cameras here just some of the best dirt skaters around pulling big air moves with plenty of inverted hucks, rail grabs and power slides through the perfect Ben Schroeder built dirt berm corners! The rides included a variety of dirtboards including MBS, Mongoose, Outback, EarthBoard, TerraBoard, along with custom rigs all pumped by Suburban Noize band MOWER doing their punk jaZZ thing LIVE onstage at the finish line!

No Red Bull banners or ESPN cameras at this gig which was as homegrown as it gets here on the slopes of Kratka Ridge also known as Mt.Waterman and the Snow Crest Ski Resort which is now closed and history. The mountainboard runs filmed here included about a 750 foot vertical drop to most of the riders adrenalized delight in making the sweetest mtn board memories!

Check out the crash filled action captured from multiple camera angles in this Directors Cut extended video segment. After the finish TV host Jason Lazo talks with heat winner and mountainboard pioneer Jason Lee about what he thought of the race and the history making dirt riding event known as the Kratka Ridge Dirt Duel 2000.

Special Thanks to Planet X and Eric Ducharme for assistance in this production.
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Hosted by Jason Lazo.
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A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT- 13:20
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Language: English

Length: 13:20

Country: United States