Xcorps Music TV Presents Hunter Valentine and Moonlight Beach Sunset

Uploaded on Friday 28 February 2014


Xcorps Music TV Presents Hunter Valentine band and a Moonlight Beach Sunset – Another Xcorps Music Special presentation featuring RIVE promoted Toronto Canada band HUNTER VALENTINE and scenes from Moonlight beach Encinitas California.

Hosted by Xcorps music director Jason Lazo this music video introduces the viewer to a great new release from the indie alternative pop band Hunter Valentine called ‘Crying’ along with scenes of a shimmering golden sunset over the beautiful California State beach called Moonlight located near The Xcorps offices in Encinitas.

Current band members include Kiyomi McCloskey, Laura Petracca, Aimee Bessada
and Leanne Bowes. Past members included Adrienne Lloyd, Somer Bingham and Veronica Sanchez.
Check out Hunter Valentine’s latest single 'Crying’ along with a golden California beach sunset complete with sand castles right here on Xcorps Music TV brought to you by RIVE music promotions.
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2-2014 Release TrT-5:51
A JSE Film
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Language: English

Length: 5:51

Country: United States