Xcorps Presents JSE 420 BRUNEAU DUNES

Uploaded on Monday 27 January 2014


Xcorps TV Presents JSE 420 Films BRUNEAU DUNES - Not all Xcorps show segments focus on adrenalised head banging action sports! The Xcorps crew stopped at the Bruneau Sand Dunes during a road tour from San Diego to Hells Canyon Idaho on a recent show episode shoot. There are places in this great country where the scenic nature of things is just as extreme standing still! Take a look at what our HD cams caught just off the road at Bruneau Dunes State Park 18 miles SW of Mountain Home Idaho in the southwest corner of the state. A cool looking surreal place!

Besides being Idaho's largest astronomical observatory open to the public, this scenic zone also features the largest freestanding sand dune in North America, 470 feet, surrounded by the beautiful Owyhee desert. What really makes things interesting is the Bruneau river slices through the area and the sand water mix makes for great photographic statements.
Check out some of the HD video footage shot in the park backed by music from famed environmental musician David M. Huber - 51bpm.com. TRT-6:04
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
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