Xcorps TV presents Thunder on Main - Cackle Cars at El Cajon Classic Cruise

Uploaded on Saturday 19 October 2013


Xcorps TV presents Thunder on Main - Cackle Cars at El Cajon Classic Cruise - Xcorps Sweet Rides TV returns to the El Cajon Classic Cruise Nights to report on a major motor car event focusing on the 1960’s era ‘Cackle’ cars – a type of race dragsters using nitro fuel which gave them a distinct explosive cackling sound including large bright white exhaust flames shooting from the engines! Located on Main street in El Cajon, California and produced by the city in conjunction with ‘Charger Steve’ Lordigyan the Cajon Classic Cruise is Southern California's largest weekly car and motors ports event attended by over 50,000 people each year. Each weekly show has a different theme this one being ‘Cackle Car’ dragsters.
Other event themes have included Muscle Car Mania, Vintage Vans, Flames of Main and many more. This Xcorps video special is hosted by Charger Steve and features many of the classic cars parked along main street by individual owners as well as the high powered dragsters revving their engines LOUD and shooting flames for the CROWD!
Steve talks to one of the original ‘Cackle Car’ founders Bill Pitts creator of ‘The Magicar’ dragster which was on hand cackling and throwing flames in downtown El Cajon! Other cars throwing flames included the green ‘Poison Ivy’, Tommy Ivo’s ‘Barnstormer’, the ‘Iron Horse’, Tommy ‘The WatchDog’ Allens Trick Car and many others notable to this motor sports race era.
Local Santana High School student Sophia Fehri also does a super job singing the National Anthem in this segment open.
This classic cruise runs every Wednesday from April through September in downtown El Cajon.
Produced by Xcorps TV, SYCUAN CASINO, The DOWNTOWN El Cajon Business Partners, Charger Steve Lordigyan, John Berg and Alexis Frost co producers.
Music by Encinitas band FANG
Loud and Nitro PROUD!
A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT- 9:41
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Length: 9:41

Country: United States