XLR8 Summer Outing 2017

Uploaded on Saturday 3 June 2017


James and his company went for their 2017 Summer Outing. This is a good timing because the weather was perfectly sunny and it was a Saturday, which means not so much traffic around the city.

This year's summer outing was held in Solea Mactan, a new resort in the city. I recall last year they went to JPark which was also a good spot with huge space that they can go around. This year, the location was still huge but most of the spots are still under construction so their program situated in a space enough for their activities, games and lunch.

The video is for their company's documentation as James is a part of the team solely for the video coverage. He took all the films and had stitched them all together the entire week. Finally, he got the time to finish the three minute film and this is the result.

Well, as much as he had done all the filming and video editing, I had on the other hand looked for the audio music for him which he greatly appreciates. It was a fun film so the audio needs to be up beat too and a little bit cinematic.

They spent a whole day at the Solea Mactan resort. They went at around seven in the morning, reached there at around eight. Their program started just when they reached the location, their company leader Fred had given the opening speech which is also included on the film.

Games were also done which was fun plus they had this Zumba dance part too headed by Melcah with the participation of everyone. These activities prepared them for the next phase which was lunch.

The Buffet lunch provided by the resort was more than enough. Since everyone was hungry after all the games, it seems their taste buds had been divulged in a feast!

The afternoon was spent to just take a swim either at the beach or the pool. There was a man-made lagoon too. The entire day was really nice and fun and James had a great time taking these videos.

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