Zift - Trailer

Uploaded on Monday 14 March 2011


Shortly before the Bulgarian Communist coup of 1944, the Moth was thrown into jail under a false conviction for murder. Finally freed from the confines of his unjust prison sentence, he finds himself in a strange and intimidating new place: totalitarian Sofia of the sixties. Released on parole after serving some hard time in prison, the Moth's one-night neo-noir odyssey quickly gets underway, as he runs into trouble and falls afoul of the Communist state. Starting with a qualified measure of optimism, his first night of freedom is swiftly plagued by looming threats and impending doom.

The Moth's frantically wild night sketches the geography of a fiendish autocratic city, its imposing communist architecture centered around the mausoleum, decaying neighborhoods, gloomy streets, bathhouses, the city canal, the hospital, the cathedral, smoky bars and the graveyard. He stumbles into a series of bizarre encounters with a parade of eccentric characters, as the marginalized – agents, medics, barflies, outcasts and gravediggers – all lure him to the flame of disaster. Catastrophic twists and unpredictable revelations unfold in a carefully structured mosaic of flashbacks, lies and hallucinations, as well as in a sensual experience with a former flame. The narrative eventually culminates in a profoundly revealing climax in the gravediggers' trailer.


Language: Bulgarian

Country: Bulgaria