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My name is Remi Pinaud and I am a filmmaker from France. I have been creating projects around the world for the last several years. I originally began my career studying audio engineering in Paris. After 2 years, I decided I needed to change course and pursue filmmaking full time. First learning about cameras and cinematography, I then focused on video editing. Once I felt prepared for it, I began writing, shooting, and directing films. Since then, I have made several documentary and narrative short films in various countries, including Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Israel, and Thailand.

As a director and writer, I find myself fascinated with exploring the fringes of society and civilisation, human beings living outside the mainstream, by their own standards, rules, and dreams. Within this context, I aim to create films that give a voice to characters in modern culture that lack one, the people whose stories are not told everyday. Some of these stories can be at once both poetic and chaotic, a space I’m quite curious about as an artist. My hope is that, through my work, I can make the invisible visible, shining a light into the shadows and learning something about ourselves and the world we all inhabit.