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Super Kawaii! Episode 20
How to Better Handle Your Emotions
Girls on Guys - Ep 1. Pick Up Lines
SONOR. Peter Levin (interview).

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Art of Listening


We live in a world where there are as many opinions as there are people. Everyone wants to know , and feel to some extent, that they……

by ms1864

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Heather Alba

Health Smart Diabetes Awareness If you are diagnosed with a  type of two diabetes your doctor will almost certainly tell you……

by heatheralba

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Computer Age


Image courtesy of Nowadays, technology is fast and ever-changing; things tend to take a step forward as……

by shaiera

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Be Good to Yourself

Minato Konoha

Photo credit: This is not the song of Journey of the same title, but I believe you get the idea. In our desire to reach……

by Minato

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Eva Martínez

Today in class (I study Psichology) we made a game to improve our empathy. This is the ability to understand the others, how to they……

by estrellita19

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Sama ng loob

Babylyn R. Ishizuka

Hindi maitatanggi na lahat tayo ay nakakaranas ng galit o SAMA NG LOOB.  Ito ang konting payo ko para kahit konti makagaan naman……

by bhabylyn

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sheikh hassan

We can chose our friends but not our neighbors. So we have to live with our neighbors whether we like or not. There is an old wise……

by sheikh-hassan

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Rule No.1 - Breathe

Andy Parker Films

"Rule number 1 when you are acting - remember to breathe" I was once told by a friend at University who had recently begun to pursue……

by AndyParker

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