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A New Year to Remember


Attitudes to Make 2019 a Year to Remember New Year always starts with fun and partying for many, but for me it is all about peace……

by Sofs

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Quotes on Attitude


Quotes 1, Sugar Ray Leonard   I consider myself blessed.  I consider you blessed.  We’ve all been blessed with……

by 7788

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Safety Tips For Women

Nice Company

Here are some safety tips that can keep you safe and secured in life. So read on to get that peace of mind. Stay strong in any……

by nice-boy

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Janeth Verana

Do you know the kinds of plastic? There are two kinds of plastic: plastic (tupperware) and plastic (person pretending to be good). ……

by janeth-verana

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No to being Rude


by: Crisly Mae Binayao Some people are really rude! I just can't take some people's attitude towards other people and even their life.……

by crisly

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Babylyn R. Ishizuka

Many of us have developed the habit of too much dependence on others . This has led to indolence and sheer laziness .  We seem……

by bhabylyn

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Enough is enough !

Kate Saldana

Enough is enough ! Finally my heart stoppedLoving you , not anymoreWith my last tear droppedIt has locked its door. I waited too longTo……

by kate-saldana

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Dream Big

Tí Ta Tí Tởn

"Your attitude, not your aptitude. will determine your altitude." Zig Ziglar

by Wiz

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the law of motion

Joel Laig

I believe in Newton's Law of Motion that a in every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. It is not only applicable……

by babylons

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My Thoughts

Hassan Majeed

The most lonely person is the one who isn't strong enough to face what he did. I am writing this article just to tell my readers to……

by hassan-Majeed

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Fashion is an every moment changing aspect of life. It alternates its face corresponding to the people residing in specific areas……

by zareenaaltaf

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Chloe Foster

So here it is... my very first blog post, I've been really struggling, not just with what to write, but with motivation in general!……

by chloe-foster

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Changing is Hard

Gina Briley

Have you ever stopped to wonder why change is so hard?  Why do even the things we have been working toward for so long often……

by GinaB

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