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Muhammad (S.A.W)


Muḥammad[n 1] (Arabic: محمد‎; c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE),[1] is the central figure of Islam and widely regarded……

by zubairzubi

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My Dear Sister


For all the girls who suffer violence I wish you could be free of the cage andcome beside your other sisterssitting in a school chair,hugging……

by Afwebco

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The most beautiful relation we have is the relation of our parents. Without them we are nothing .they give us an identity by giving……

by Janifer

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malika shah

Patriotism means a person who has genuine, authentic and pure love with their country. The place and in which any one is born and……

by malikashah

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My Beloved

Fahima Kakar

His heart beat like a ticking clock room, but faster , maybe twice or three times in a second , his hands full of fire was hot like……

by fahima-kakar

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