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Jen Bautista Jugadora

Today is Tuesday. It was local holiday here , in our place, specifically in our baranggay. No classes,  I have nothing  to……

by joreana

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Aku lelah bercerita pada sepi, aku sudah cukup muak berbagi pada sunyi. Namun tak ada yang lebih mengerti diriku selain kebisuan.……

by dhelia

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School is boring and everyone knows its boring, we use school sometimes to get away from parents and or annoying animals :/ did I……

by AnaylaMarie

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The crisis by a spanish

Daniel Arrabal Villegas

Spain, a country with 46 million of people and 49 million before the crisis.. Why? Easy, not work, not justice, not sanity, not money,……

by Nijkamp

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