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The Smartphone Film Project - Southampton…
Social Media Training Class for Afghan…

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Alejandro Pizarro

Hello again ;DI have not been doing much these days, from work to my house from my home to universityI try not to miss classes because……

by alejandro-pizarro

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oop with c++

Muhammad Kaleem

OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING C++ 1. Introduction : What is object oriented programming? Why do we need objectoriented. Programming……

by maliX0024

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Aziz tokhi

School is the only place that can be called the common house for education. In the past schools were in a awful situation,. The students……

by Aziztokhi

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The Maldives


OH WHAT A PLACE TO SEE Seeing the summer sun and beautiful weather, my girlfriends and I decided to meet up for a little coffee date……

by rikki-borra

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Pioneers in Education


Different eras of Afghanistan are along with different people who are pioneers in a special field. In Afghanistan also we had had……

by zahrra

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Education in Sari Lanka

Omar Nasir Mojaddidi

Sari Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean. Besides, it is one of the developing countries in South Asia.  This……

by Zohal

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