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Oscar Nominated "Wolf of Wall Street"…
Oscar Nominated "American Hustle" Cocktail…
Oscar Nominated "Her" Cocktail
DATE NIGHT with RICCARDO: Kiwi Chicken…

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When a mixed drink contains only a distilled spirit and a mixer, such as soda or fruit juice, it is a highball,many of the International……

by NewbieOz

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Heather Alba

Mango Cocktail Ingredients:White Soda Or 7 Up 1 BottleLemon Juice ½ CupPineapple Juice 2 CupsMangoes (Sliced) 2 No’sSugar……

by heatheralba

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strawberry juice

S.M.Iqbal Ahmed

I am going to make you another Ice cool, boozy cocktail to help with the summer. I’m guessing we’re all suffering from……

by iqbal69ctg

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Cosmin F. Negru

A team of geeks from Romania have built a robotic bartender, where you can place an order right from your favorite social media account……

by thecosmos

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