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Equity crowdfunding is key to building…
All New Tablets In October
Sustainable philanthropy and keyword…
Brad Powers of Cupcake Digital on Wubbzy…
Brad Powers on Cupcake Digital
How did Cupcake Digital bring Wubbzy…
Cupcake Digital's Shaun Hinklein Talks…
High Tech India - Part One

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GIVING TUESDAY image source(google) video( giving tuesday is aglobelly recoginized  day dedicated to giving back.……

by tanveer8152

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Information Age


Our times are also called the Information Age, because having the correct information has become very important. Thanks to the computers……

by umairfilmannex

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E-Commerce Websites

Mohammed Hussein

At the beginning we have to agree that the internet has changed our lives in nearly everything. but i want to discuss this issue regarding……

by mohd227

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Asian women!

Empowerment Of Women (Blogger: Happy Snail)

Any society is only has strong as the women within it; empowering women, educating women, and making available equal opportunities……

by KateSuperstar

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faridoon barekzai

There is powerful document proving that smoking is injurious to a smoker’s health. In addition to throat cancer, scientists……

by faridoonbarekzai

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About children

Our childrrren

Hello guys. I recently spoke with one of my significantly younger cousins about cartoons he watches on television. Just talking about……

by Ourchildrrren

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Sports in Afghanistan

AbdulTawab Kian

After the fall of the Taliban rule, Afghan sports have improved substantially. For example, Afghan soccer is one of those sports fields……

by susann

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