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Hamid Arsalan, an Afghan Analyst and…
Hamid Arsalan, an Afghan Analyst and…
George Osborne & Ed Milliband
George Osborne Talks Internet and Social…

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        now a day’s every country wants democracy in their country. This sentence may be arises a question……

by Janifer

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qamar shahzad

Democracy is a combination of two words.Word"demos" means people and words "kratos" means power.In short,democracy means power of……

by qamar-shahzad

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Aafia Hira

 Journalism is deteriorating into a profession in the modern World. It involves the literary business of editing of publishing……

by Aafia-Hira

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Arsal Khan

Democracy is the most popular form of government. It is supposed to be the best way of governing the people. In a democracy, nearly……

by arsal-khan

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Media in Herat


 There are today more than 20 Radio Stations, and about 10 Television channels activating in Herat city with different social,……

by SanamSina

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Sayed Murtaza Aman

  The first question which comes to our mind is that what are the characteristics of the new Christianity? We have to see if……

by SayedmurtazaAman

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Film Festival


There lots of women and men making movies since they have received democracy and freedom of speech in Afghanistan. Herat is one of……

by zahrra

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War in Afghanistan

AbdulTawab Kian

Afghan people have experienced three years of war; the wars that caused Afghan people feel huge setbacks in their lives.     ……

by susann

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NATO troops in Afghanistan

Omar Nasir Mojaddidi

When NATO troops flew to Afghanistan, they brought different changes with them to our country. First, they overthrew the Taliban Dictatorial……

by Zohal

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