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Coming to Europe for the 1st time
Dane's travel from Denmark to England…
Marius The Giraffe and Zoo Breeding…
Yuri Arcurs' Top Notch Photo Studio!…
Tobias Lindholm, Michael Noer - directors…

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Sometimes, I really appreciate the area that I live in. I love the walks down the harbour, I love the sunlights kissing my skin and……

by Karfaravar

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One of the most important Swedish social political reforms during the “1930s and 1940s” was the legislation on people's……

by Darkprince540

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This game is called team handball and combines elements of Basketball, Water Polo and indoor Soccer and was invented by a school Teacher……

by zainbabu

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History of Ballet

Gene Geter

History of Ballet   Ballet's earliest precursors in Renaissance Italy were lavish entertainments. Acts included not just dancing,……

by dancein

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